How Can You Communicate the Value of the Benefits Package to Employees?

How Can You Communicate the Value of the Benefits Package to Employees?

In the quest to effectively convey the worth of employee benefits, we've gathered insights from a benefits manager who emphasizes the importance of highlighting marginal value-adds. Alongside expert opinions, we've also compiled six additional answers that showcase innovative communication strategies. From the practicality of a dedicated mobile app to the persuasive power of peer-to-peer testimonials, join us as we explore seven creative ways benefits managers are making an impact.

  • Highlight Value-Adds
  • Prove Impact with Statistics
  • Engage with Video Content
  • Clarify with Infographics
  • Host Interactive Q&A Webinars
  • Share Peer-to-Peer Testimonials
  • Offer a Dedicated Mobile App

Highlight Value-Adds

One of the ways we highlight the value of our benefits package is by collecting and compiling value-adds that exist around the margins of our primary programming. This could include anything from carrier discount programs, health screenings, travel assistance, financial well-being webinars, and/or other 'free' features and components. When employees can experience and understand both the depth and breadth of the offerings, there's a greater perception of the value of these programs.

Alex AndersonBenefits Manager, Innova Solutions

Prove Impact with Statistics

We communicate the value of our benefits package by providing proof of the impact of our products over email. For example, our benefits package contains an app that helps employees manage stress. We share the statistic that '76% of users reported lower stress levels' after using the app, over internal emails, when we launched the product. Statistics are powerful, and proving there is an impact encourages staff to engage with the benefit.

Wojciech Dochan
Wojciech DochanManaging Director, Bravo Benefits

Engage with Video Content

Creating engaging video content about the benefits package is an effective way to communicate with employees. Videos catch attention more readily than written documents and can illustrate the advantages of the benefits through visual storytelling. They can include employee testimonials, demonstrations of how to enroll, and explain the perks in simple terms.

These videos can be distributed through company email channels, social media, or presented during team meetings. By offering a visual and auditory learning experience, employees may find it easier to understand and appreciate the value of their benefits. Consider starting with a video that highlights the top benefits employees should know about.

Clarify with Infographics

Distributing infographics about benefits can be a powerful tool for clarity and comprehension. Infographics use a mix of simple images and clear, concise text to convey complex information in an easily digestible format. They can highlight key aspects of the benefits package, like coverage options and enrollment deadlines, without overwhelming employees with too much text.

Share these graphics in high-traffic areas, through company newsletters, or even in the break rooms. Making these infographics widely available can help ensure that all employees have the necessary information to make informed decisions about their benefits. Look around your workspace for places where an infographic could be useful and suggest posting one there.

Host Interactive Q&A Webinars

Hosting interactive benefits Q&A webinars provides a direct approach to addressing employee concerns and questions. Such webinars allow the benefits team to present information and then field questions in real time, ensuring immediate clarity for complex issues. Employees can participate from the comfort of their desks or even remotely if they are working from home.

It's an opportunity for a two-way dialogue that printed materials can't offer. Proactive participation in these sessions can lead to increased understanding and satisfaction with the benefits provided. If you have questions about your benefits, sign up for the next webinar.

Share Peer-to-Peer Testimonials

Instituting peer-to-peer benefits testimonials is a strategy rooted in trust and relatability. Hearing about the positive experiences of colleagues with the benefits package can encourage employees to explore and utilize their own benefits more fully. These testimonials can be shared through company social media, internal newsletters, or even at staff meetings.

They create a personal connection and provide real-world examples of how the benefits support employees' needs. Sharing stories from within the company culture reinforces the value of the benefits offered. Keep an eye out for the next peer testimonial to learn more about your peers' experiences with the benefits package.

Offer a Dedicated Mobile App

Developing a mobile app dedicated to the benefits package offers unprecedented accessibility for employees. Such an app can provide a one-stop shop where employees can review their benefits, make selections during enrollment periods, and even contact support with questions. The convenience of having all this information at their fingertips cannot be overstated.

The mobile platform allows employees to interact with their benefits information anytime, anywhere. Ensure you download the company benefits app to have immediate access to all the resources and support you need.

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