What Are Examples of Successful Initiatives to Boost Employee Engagement Through Benefits?

What Are Examples of Successful Initiatives to Boost Employee Engagement Through Benefits?

Seeking innovative ways to enhance employee engagement, we turned to seasoned HR managers and top executives for their successful strategies. From introducing virtual healthcare benefits to creating personalized wellness stipends, discover the seven impactful initiatives they've implemented to enrich their teams' work experience through thoughtful benefits and compensation.

  • Introduce Virtual Healthcare Benefits
  • Launch Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Fund Employees' Personal Projects
  • Foster Internal Team Bonding
  • Implement Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • Expand Mental Health Initiatives
  • Create Personalized Wellness Stipends

Introduce Virtual Healthcare Benefits

Providing employees with virtual care was a valuable addition to our benefit plan. Not only did offering this benefit provide employees with a highly meaningful opportunity to access healthcare at no cost, but it also allowed employees to engage further in their work tasks because they could feel confident knowing they had healthcare at their fingertips. By using a positive benefit offering to employees, the company reaped the benefit of employees who felt cared for and were able to shift personal concerns away from their work focus. This drove production and engagement within the employee population.

Heather Kerr
Heather KerrHuman Resources Manager

Launch Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Though we have many recognition efforts across our company, launching a peer-to-peer recognition program has made a massive difference in employee sentiment. By recruiting everyone to look for the good things happening around the office, we've found that employees are appreciated 4.7 times per month. That kind of 'gratitude loop' has improved relationships and how people feel about coming to work!

Logan Mallory
Logan MalloryVice President of Marketing, Motivosity

Fund Employees' Personal Projects

We allocated a portion of our budget to fund our employees' personal projects and hobbies.

The idea was to encourage our team to pursue their passions outside of work, knowing they had the company's full support. Whether it was learning a new instrument, starting a community garden, or even taking a course in creative writing, we wanted our employees to feel valued beyond their professional contributions.

To kick off the initiative, we hosted a 'Passion Pitch' event where employees could present their project ideas to a panel of peers. The projects that received the most votes were awarded funding. This provided financial support and fostered a sense of community and collaboration as employees got to know each other’s interests and supported each other’s endeavors.

The impact was profound. Employees returned to work feeling refreshed, inspired, and more connected to the company. They appreciated the recognition of their personal lives and interests, which boosted their loyalty and engagement at work, leading to overall job satisfaction and a noticeable improvement in team dynamics.

Laurie Hyllberg
Laurie HyllbergVice President, Kinsa Group

Foster Internal Team Bonding

Our benefits and compensation are on par with industry standards, so that is not the unique selling point (USP) for boosting employee engagement. We do have internal bonding between the teams, and this leads to a good work environment.

Beena GangadharanH R Manager, Bluescope Information Technology

Implement Comprehensive Benefits Package

As an HR manager at DayJob Recruitment, I launched a successful initiative to boost employee engagement by introducing a comprehensive benefits package. This included health and wellness programs, flexible working hours, and performance-based bonuses.

One standout initiative was the implementation of a 'Wellness Wednesdays' program, where employees could participate in virtual fitness classes and mental health workshops, and they also receive wellness tips. Additionally, we offered personalized career development plans and regular feedback sessions.

The outcomes were outstanding. Employee morale improved significantly, and we saw a noticeable increase in productivity and job satisfaction. The program also helped reduce turnover rates and attracted top talent, reinforcing our commitment to employee well-being and growth.

Ana Alipat
Ana AlipatRecruitment Team Lead, Dayjob Recruitment

Expand Mental Health Initiatives

As a small-business owner, I know mental health is key when it comes to keeping employees motivated. If your team is slacking, consider revisiting those benefits—it's possible your workforce is more depressed than uninspired.

At Bemana, we expanded our mental health benefits to include more preventative measures, like meditation, yoga, and life coaching. Dealing with mental health is a continuous effort, and I don't want workers to wait until issues expand exponentially.

These new initiatives boosted employee engagement immediately. Feeling good is a holistic effort, and once workers felt taken care of emotionally, they showed up to the office with renewed vigor.

Linn Atiyeh
Linn AtiyehCEO, Bemana

Create Personalized Wellness Stipends

One effective project I created to increase employee engagement through perks was the creation of a personalized wellness stipend program. Unlike typical benefits, this scheme allowed employees to spend their stipend on wellness activities or things that met their specific requirements. This might include gym memberships, fitness programs, mental health applications, and ergonomic office equipment.

For example, one of our sales team members utilized his stipend to attend a yoga session, which he attributed to greatly lowering his stress and enhancing his attention at work. Another employee used it for a standing workstation, which relieved her back problems and improved her general comfort during lengthy workdays.

We also implemented a quarterly survey to collect feedback on the stipend program, asking staff what new wellness options they would like to see. This continual dialogue ensured that the program evolved in response to real-world needs and preferences, making staff feel more invested and appreciated.

Volen Vulkov
Volen VulkovCo-founder, Enhancv

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